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Issue 005
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SAF® Cast Aluminum - Structures Inspired by the Human Bone

When aspiring for the perfect or most optimal mechanism or device, most searches often lead to the human body.  It is arguable that all aspects of the human body exceed anything that man has been able to create.  The human brain is light years ahead of the best computer and no robot can duplicate the sophisticated and delicate abilities of a human.  The human bone is no exception.

The human bone is a light weight yet very strong.  Hooke’s law explains how the human bone is optimally shaped to bear stress.  It’s composition of a hard outer cortical bone with a less dense cancellous core is no less miraculous.

A new breakthrough in material science has led to the ability to create aluminum structural parts that mimic the optimum structure of human bone.


Munro & Associates, Inc. is working with Cymat Technologies of Toronto to develop applications for the world’s first SAF® Cast Aluminum Parts.  The structure of this material is modeled directly after the human bone.

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Oldenburg Group mining profits with Design Profit® software

"Design Profit® provides an unbiased tool for Design comparisons and provides information to management for approval of design concepts or design changes."

Lean Design Team Engineering
Oldenburg Group Incorporated

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"We have used the Munro Design Profit® methodologies for significant cost improvements without degrading the design intent. With the design Profit software, we have the tools to make us even more effective than ever.

Earl Ramlow
Manager Engineering Systems, Lean Design Team Engineering
Oldenburg Group

Oldenburg Mining
10 Best Practices for Design From the Design Profit Silver Book

Each issue of The Munro Report will feature one of Munro's Design Principles. Implementation of these principles will help maximize the profitability of your product through its design.

#5 Use Gravity, Don't Fight It

Lean Manufacturing Cannot Happen Without Lean Design

The same natural phenomenon that dropped an apple at Newtons feet and inspired his law of universal gravitation over three hundred years ago, can help you save time and money in your designs today.

Working against gravity is expensive and can cause difficulty in high volume automated assembly.

Wherever possible, parts should be designed to accomodate assembly in a single downward motion. Having to lift a part into its final position is time consuming and can be exhausting for an assembler. An assembly that is built from the bottom up will be the fastest to build and require fewer operations leaving less room for error.

Newton Tree
Design parts to be held in place by gravity before fastening. Like lifting a part into its final position, holding a part in place is time consuming, expensive, and exhausting. For parts that must be installed horizontally or on an angle, design in features to maintain the position of the part prior to fastening.. These features can be bosses, locating tabs, ledges, etc. (A hole-to-hole is NOT an alignment feature!) Make sure to follow other good design practices when adding these locating features to maintain a low cost, high quality design.
Munro working once again working with GDLS

General Dynamics Land Systems Selects Munro & Associates to Enhance Their Development Efforts for Producibility and Reliability for the Future Combat Systems (FCS)

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Great Lakes Manufacturing Council Forum

The Great Lakes Region has a 2.0 mindset with a next-generation look at how communities are integrating manufacturing, innovation, social entrepreneurship, arts and culture and business to make a vibrant economy.

The Forum will bring together people to create a new message that positions our region as a creativity cradle … The Great Lakes 2.0.

How would you re-brand the region?

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